General consultations and at home Consultations are available from 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 12pm on Saturdays.


We are Available for emergencies 24/7 – please call 07 4152 0009!


Consultation Types


Vaccinations help to keep your beloved pet healthy and fit. we offer a range of vaccinations for both cats and dogs.

When you book a vaccination your pet receives a full health check before the vaccintation. We provide you with a record booklet to help you keep track of your pets vaccinations and will send you a reminder when the next vaccination is due.

Vaccination Types


We offer a range of surgery at the Bundaberg South Vet Clinic including:

  • Desexing
    • We recommend Puppies and kittens are desexed at 5-6 months of age. this is usually just before their first heat and can help prevent behaviour problems  that may arise.
    • The ovaries and uterus (ovario-hysterectomy) are removed in females; while in males only the testes are removed.
  • Dental procedures
    • Prophylactic (preventative) dental procedures are recommended to keep your pets mouth in the best possible health.
    • Dental procedures may also include extractions and treatment for periodontal disease.
    • We offer a FREE dental exam so the vet can recommend the best course of action for your pet.
  • Lumpectomy Surgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery

If you feel your pet may require surgery Please feel free to contact us and discuss their needs with our friendly Veterinarians.

On the Surgery Table



Pre-anaesthetic Blood test; an option:

  • Pre-anaesthetic Blood test – Before your pet is sedated for surgery they weill receive a full health check, however some conditions cannot be detected without a blood test including disorders of the liver and kidneys. This is particularly important before sedation and general anaesthetic as the blood test will help us to detect any risks for your pet.
  • To create a safer anaesthetic we highly recommend that our pet has a preanaesthetic blood test prior to any procedure that requires general anaesthetic. 
  • Even if they results come back normal we can use the results as a baseline if they are ever sick.
  • Four reasons to test your pet!
    • You deserve peace of mind.
    • Pets can’t tell us when they don’t feel well and often hide signs of being unwell physically.
    • Testing can reduce risk – if they are unwell we may defer the procedure until they are well.
    • Testing can help protect your pets future health with a baseline result.


Elizabethan Collar

  • This is the cone that is place around your pets neck
  • The E-collar stops your pet from reaching the surgical area and causing more trauma by licking or chewing at the sutures/wound.
  • E-collars are reuseable – give them a clean and keep in the cupboard in case they are needed again.
  • E-collars are highly recommended in every pet that undergoes surgery or has an area that MUST be left untouched. Doug_E--Collar_Up

Surgery Offered

How to prepare Your pet for Surgery


In 2009 a bylaw was passed in Queensland that made it compulsory for all dogs and cats born after 10 April 2009 to be microchipped before they are sold or given away. All regulated dogs must be microchipped regardless of when they were born.

Microchips may be implanted only by a vet or other authorised implanter. When your animal is implanted with a microchip, the implanter must provide the microchip’s unique number, the animal’s information and your contact details to a licensed registery service. It is your responsibility to make sure these records are kept up to date.

When the microchip is read or scanned (harmless to animals) it shows the microchip number which is linked to information about the animal, including its owner and the owner’s contact details. This information is important if your animal is lost or impounded.

We use the Backhome Mini microchips that are much smaller than most other brands, this means less stress for your pet.

Your pet will be registered with the Australasian Animal Registry, change of ownership or details needs to be through the AAR and forms can be found on their website.



Australasian Animal Registry

Pick up & Drop off Service

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We can pick up and drop off your pet to the Bundaberg South Veterinary Clinic when you cannot do this yourself.

This service is offered through our Dr Rue Mobile Vet service

Please call us on 07 4152 0009 to book this service.

Dr Rue Mobile Vet


Grooming is offered at the Bundaberg South Vet Clinic for all size dogs and includes a clip, a bath and nails trimmed with optional extras such as ear cleaning & Plucking, anal gland clean out.

Grooming Photos!